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Media Monitoring as a Strategic Tool, Part 1: Communications and PR


Media monitoring – not just a meter, but a strategic tool

With media monitoring, organizations can filter the relevant information related to their own actions. Often the biggest single reason to use media monitoring tools is to get a clearer picture of the organization’s visibility in the media. Media monitoring is viewed as one of the tools for communications and PR when its purpose is, however, often diminished to being merely a meter that measures a narrow, though highly important part of the organization’s agenda.

In successful businesses media monitoring is seen as a strategic tool and as a part of the overall agenda of the organization. Media monitoring helps the organization and its different sectors to reach the strategic goals the management has set.

Communications and PR

Media monitoring is often used as one of the tools for communications and public relations. With media monitoring the organization can manage its own reputation. It is essential for an organization to follow its visibility in the journalistic and social media. What is written and in what way? When the organization’s visibility and the tone of the publicity have been grasped, the image polishing can start. The image of the organization can be shaped with communications and PR.

With media monitoring, it’s easy to find out how your press releases go through or don’t go through in the media. This way the organization gets information on the ratio of output to inputs. Without this information a lot of money can be spent on communications, but the profit might be slim if the inputs have been placed wrong. When an organization knows its own media value, it can be swayed more easily.

Media monitoring can reveal that press releases aren’t going through in the media or they are going through in the wrong medium. In these cases, changes need to be made in the implementation of communications. If press releases are going through as expected, the effect of the press releases on the organization’s image should be monitored on a longer time span.

Did you get interested in media monitoring?

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