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Frequently Asked Questions about Email Marketing Part 2: Sending out Newsletters


On part 1 of frequently asked questions about email marketing we concentrated on how to get started with email marketing. In this part we focus on things that come up when people start sending out their first newsletters. To find the most commonly asked questions, we took a tour around the office and asked our sales people. So sit comfortably and see what we heard!

1. How do I get subscribers, and how do I import them?

Getting subscribers is something that requires effort and a bit of imagination, yet it pays off. Opt-in subscribers are usually your most loyal readers and interested in what you have to say. That's why we recommend you to invest time and effort in growing your email lists. Click here to read our 7 valuable tips for growing email lists.

When it comes to importing your subscribers, the easy (and most commonly used) way to import your subscribers is simply to bring them into your email marketing tool as an excel file. Additionally, along with your email marketing tool you usually get a subscription page that you can easily link to your webpage, for example. The page may be tailored to your corporate look and feel as well as have specific questions or background info that you need to know about your new subscribers.

In some cases companies need to import and update bigger amounts of subscribers from a CRM system or other database. In these cases CRM integrations are sometimes used to make subscriber mass-updates a bit more fluent.

2. Why do some newsletters show images and some don't? Will mine show?

This is a question that almost every newborn email marketer wonders about. Ultimately it might come down to the email client used at the receiver's end, bit here's what's true: it makes a difference whether your images in the newsletters are send as attachments or as links. If images are send as attachments, they will show automatically resulting in a visually more appealing and effective letter. Additionally, remember to add links to your images since people tend to click on tempting graphics. 

3. How do I come up with killer headings for my newsletters?

For a quick reader, here's a short list of tips:

  • Use language that your readers will understand
  • Test different options in your headings (for optimization try A/B Testing)
  • Brainstorm freely, don't edit yourself too early in the process
  • Make sure that the heading is in line with the newsletter content
  • Pay special attention to the first words of the heading.

Click here to read the full article on how to write a killer heading.

4. How should I structure my newsletter?

For this one, there's no guarantee formula. However, we dare to make a few recommendations:

  • The most important stuff should be at the top of your newsletter
  • Use images and text in suitable proportion (too much text will result in boredom, yet if there's not enough text your newsletter might end up in spam filters)
  • Keep it simple :)

Read more tips on how to compose a well functioning newsletter here.

5. How do I get clicks?

A question that could have thousands of different answers. But here's a few that might help you:

Is there something more you want to know about email marketing that we forgot to mention? Post your comment below or ask straight from us.

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