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Email Marketer's Checklist


In the field of email marketing, recent development such as trigger-based communication, individual targeting and marketing automation are increasingly being discussed. For marketing and communications specialists, new technology opens interesting doors with practically limitless opportunities to develop marketing communications.

In our everyday work, we have noticed that many companies considering marketing automation still have a lot to learn about the basics of email marketing. It is important to remember that, just like other forms of marketing, newsletter communications also require careful planning, perseverance and time. The groundwork has to be well done so that the more complex functions can be built on a solid base. 

Email Marketer's Checklist (have these things been taken care of?)

  • Fast and easy-to-use tool for email marketing
    According to a recent survey by Econsultancy, a fast and user-friendly newsletter tool resuts in better ROI for email marketing. This is due to the fact that marketers using fast tools can concentrate more on other, more important matters. Instead of struggling with technology and templates, time can be used for segmenting, planning, testing and analyzing.
  • Tested mobile-friendly templates
    Has your newsletter template been tested on the most common email clients and mobile devices? Does your newsletter's technical execution take into consideration customers using mobile devices?
  • Content
    Are the newsletters just repeating themselves or is the content constantly developed? Does the newsletter offer interesting and topical content for the subscriber?
  • Subscribers
    Are new opt-in subcribers actively attracted for example by using a built in subscribing form on the website, or perhaps in various events, in social media or with the help of CRM integrations? Is the subscriber list up to speed and is it actively updated?
  • Targeting
    Is the content targeted? Are subscribers divided into different segments? Are these segments actually used for better targeting?
  • Analyzing within and beyond the email marketing tool
    Is the success of newsletters actively monitored using reports? It is wise to link the newsletters with third party analytics services, which enables you to better follow newsletter clicks and see the actual benefits on the website or in the online store.
  • Continuum
    Have you considered the continuum of digital marketing apart from newsletters? A good newsletter alone is not enough, also the online service has to be refined. Landing sites that are optimized and regularly tested are often used to support newsletters. Seamlessly integrating tools help in creating and managing the continuum of digital marketing by bringing together different parts of digital communications.

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