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Bring Your Target Audience to the Right Content – Utilize Landing Sites as a Part of Your Digital Marketing Mix


We compiled  5 tips on how to make use of landing sites:

  1. Generate leads with the help of landing sites. Create a landing site that sells your product or service contact information being the most important part of it. Use texts, offers and visual effects to direct your reader to contact you. Test the effectiveness of the site and optimize a best solution!
  2. Bring landing sites as part of Adwords-advertising and campaigns. You can create several different sites bringing the right target audience to the right content. Create a continuum out of the campaign where different keywords direct to different sites and content. Reach the right persons and offer them the content they are looking for with the help of landing sites!
  3. Take advantage of landing sites when launching new products and services. You can introduce the most interesting features of the product and collect contact information from the visitors that are interested in the product. A ready-made template for a landing site is a quick and easy way to bring product launches online.
  4. Create landing sites that concentrate on social media concept – give the site users a possibility to recommend and share your page. Focus your site explicitly on SoMe -concept, and see how far it will take you. Remember to check that your competition conform to Facebook Promotion rules.
  5. Use landing sites as Click through-portals – then the function of the landing site is to get the reader to click to another page. Landing site will present the readers just enough information to make them click to another page and take them a step closer to a purchasing decision.

Did you know that in addition to our e-mail marketing tool, LianaMailer, we offer solutions for designing landing sites and measuring the effectiveness of the system?

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