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5 Reasons to Do Email Marketing


1. Drive Sales & Get Leads

  • Email marketing is an effective channel to drive sales. According to a 2014 survey by Econsultancy companies are attributing on average 23% of their total sales to the email marketing channel. Moreover, nearly a quarter (24%) of the surveyed companies attribute 30% or more of their sales to email marketing.
  • Email clicks are easy to track and analyse address-specifically. Email marketing is thus a great way to identify leads (your potential customers).
  • Email is also cost-effective. Almost every person has an email address both for professional and personal purposes. For most of us email is an inseparable part of our daily lives which makes it a great way to reach people. Moreover, compared to many other traditional marketing methods, email is cheap.

2. Email Has the Best ROI

For years already, email marketing has been ranked as the best digital channel in terms of return on investment. A survey from McKinsey & Company states that Email is 40 times more effective for marketers than Facebook and Twitter combined.

3. Increase Brand Awareness

  • Email is an effective channel to increase brand awareness in your current and potential clientele. Regularly sent, stylish and visually appealing newsletters show off your brand and expose people to it. You can increase the commitment of existing customers as well as gain new ones. Being exposed to your newsletters on regular basis, people will remember your brand when their purchase window opens up.

4. Lead, Do not Follow

  • Customers, both B2B and B2C, are increasingly present online and using the digital channels. The question is whether your company wants to be a leader or a follower. By actively approaching your customers and prospects via email you have a good chance to really stand out from your competitors and be noticed.

5. Great Tools

  • The good news is that the email marketing tools have been getting better and better. Today marketers have acces to tools that are user-friendly, trustworthy and allow independent and self-sustainable marketing. It only takes a few minutes to compose and send visually appealing and technically functional newsletters. No need to wait for printing houses to deliver the prints or the post service to deliver the mail. In addition, you can monitor and follow up your delivery in real time.

LianaMailer is a modern and user-friendly tool for professional email marketing. With LianaMailer you can compose your messages easily, efficiently and with style. You will get the best idea of LianaMailer, its features and user interface by trying it out. Book a demo with us to see it for yourself!

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