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1. About the company

1. About the company Miikka Mäkiö Foodiac will connect you directly with a handpicked network of some of the world’s best chefs. Miikka Mäkiö Co-Founder, CEO, Foodiac

Foodiac is a startup marketplace for private chefs and high-end catering. The company offers unique culinary experiences by bringing professional private chefs to cook for different events such as home dinners, business events, cooking schools and tastings. The chefs and their specialties are introduced on Foodiac’s website and customers can choose who they want to engage with. For the talented professional chefs the platform offers an opportunity to build their reputation, make contacts and earn additional income.

2. Challenges

2. Challenges Tomi Saikkonen We constantly update our database of media contacts. At the moment it covers Middle East, North Africa, Northern and Central Europe, Hong Kong, Baltic States and Russia. Tomi Saikkonen Sales Director, Liana Technologies

Finland-based Foodiac launched its new service in United Arab Emirates in October 2015. The company wanted to spread the knowledge about its unique concept to the media as widely as possible. As the market in UAE was not familiar to the company and it didn’t have any local media contacts, it was easy to start cooperation with a press release distribution service provider.

3. Implementation and results

3. Implementation and results Miikka Mäkiö LianaPress was easy to use and the customer service answered our questions really fast. We had no problems with sending press releases both in English and in Arabic. I can truly recommend Liana’s services also to other companies. Miikka Mäkiö Co-Founder, CEO, Foodiac

Foodiac was already familiar with the services of LianaPress in Finland and it was easy for them to trust a company that has an established reputation. Also the extensive database of local media contacts convinced the company about the usefulness of the service. Foodiac hadn’t tested press releases distribution services before so they were eager to test how much visibility they could get with them. For the test usage Foodiac found the pricing of LianaPress really competitive.

Foodiac’s press release was noted well in several local business newspapers and magazines including the National, Arabian Gazette, Sky News Arabia, AME info,, 800 Lifestyle and Middle-East info. Thanks to LianaPress the company reached its goals and got a lot of positive media coverage in their target market. In the future Foodiac will continue sending press releases via LianaPress both in UAE and in other market areas. 

Got interested? Contact us and ask more about LianaPress!

Got interested? Contact us and ask more about LianaPress!

LianaPress is a versatile distribution channel for press releases to reach media and other targets like customers and stakeholders. LianaPress has large media database and it is kept up-to-date constantly. You can choose the receivers by several criteria so the release will reach the desired target media and journalists receive releases that interest them.

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