5 tips for a well functioning newsletter

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5 tips for a well functioning newsletter A suitable amount of optimated and appealing pictures will make your message much more desirable. Especially if your pictures will show instantly to the recipients.
  1. Simple is beautiful. Avoid too many columns or too complicated structures. Remember that the main purpose of the letter is to make readers click through your links. Therefore design a structure to your letter that is logical and direct the readers towards your link. The most important thing should be first on the top.
  2. Use text and pictures in a suitable proportion. If your message has just pictures in it, it will be easily interpreted as junk mail. A suitable amount of optimated and appealing pictures will however make your message much more desirable. Especially if your pictures will show instantly to the recipients.
  3. An incisive subject line is crucial in a newsletter. When considering your subject line try not to push too hard but instead be professional and go straight to the point. Do not personalize your heading since it may easily create a feeling of a mass advertising campaign. Localization however might function well in a subject line (See our offer in town x). Try making your heading tempting yet go straight to the point - witty wordplays might just work against you.
  4. Create links to your pictures! The recipients of a newsletter often rather click on a picture than a text link. Make use of the appeal of your pictures.
  5. Don't make your messages too long. Instead be decisive and only tell the most important points in your newsletter. Instead of creating never ending text paragraphs rather direct your readers to a landing page where you can tell more about your products or services. Read more about using landing pages.

LianaMailer templates are always tested with all of the most common Email clients. Therefore as LianaMailer's user you may contentrate on the most important, the content, while we take care of the technique and make sure that the messages look sharp and professional and open correctly at the receiver's end. Contant us to hear more!

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