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Top 5 trends in communications Media monitoring is an important part of creating content. To react, you need to know what is discussed and what is the tone of discussion. Media monitoring is an important part of creating content. To react, you need to know what is discussed and what is the tone of discussion.

Every new year brings a fresh breeze to communications. Instead of paid advertisements, customers now value meaningful content and service providers’ expertise. What things should you consider when you plan your communications strategy? We made a list of five communications themes that rule this year.

1. Storytelling – make the message come alive with a story

Meaningful content becomes more and more important in communications. Storytelling is not a new invention but its role is growing alongside the more traditional style of communication. The public rewards interesting content that stands out by commenting, sharing and committing.

A tip: Think what makes your company’s story stand out.

2. …and content once more

It’s time to polish your content marketing strategies. Offer high quality and timely content that helps customers to solve problems, evokes conversation and spreads knowledge.

Reach your target audience at the right time. This means that you need to be topical and react quickly to public discussion and the events in your field. Media monitoring is an important part of creating content. To react, you need to know what is discussed and what is the tone of discussion. Listen to your audience and make sure you’re headed in the right direction.

A tip: Draw goals and meters for the content and follow if they are reached.

3. Using multiple channels – the right place at the right time

Are your messages showing on the right channels? Are you meeting your goals?

Share content through multiple channels. Follow how your message works by monitoring the effects on social media channels, blogs and forums. Where the content goes unnoticed, where it is being read? Where are your messages getting comments and what sparks discussion? Media monitoring tools do the compiling and analyzing for you.

A tip: Share your message through multiple channels and monitor how it is received.

4. Faces behind the operations – from company to individuals

Let your company’s and its individuals’ personalities show. Be bold and put the spotlight on the professionals behind your operations. Compose messages with a personal touch and make them approachable. Give a versatile image of your company to the press and let them know about your success stories.

A tip: Bring the faces to the forefront in communications.

5. Communicating your expertise

You are the experts in your field: let it show. The whole staff needs to be in the process of making your company a brand.

Expertise is especially manifested in high quality and timely content that is displayed on the right channels. Gather knowledge and know-how from the personnel and make it a part of your communications. Target the message to a specific group of recipients.

A tip: Harness the whole staff to represent the company but remember to set common guidelines.

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