Case: Newsletter made the amount of site visitors ten times bigger

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Case: Newsletter made the amount of site visitors ten times bigger The trend is the same every month – there is a significant rise to the number of visitors on the days the newsletter is sent.

The company we introduced in the Case example uses Google Analytics for tracking how many times per day their website is visited. Without the newletter there is about 10-150 visitors daily. Most of the visitors come to the site either directly or through searches. A newsletter sent once a month results in a significant rise in the number of visitors.

On a normal day there is about 50-150 visitors to the site whereas when a newsletter was sent in January there was 710 visitors to the site on that day. The trend has remained the same every month – there is a significant rise to the number of visitors on the days that the newsletter is sent.

The figure illustrates well the increase in the number of visitors. The peaks in the figure are the days when the newsletters were sent.

What is interesting is that the visitors that came through the newletters spent a fairly long time on the site. It is worthwhile to invest in the contect of the site – with the help of the newsletter you can get the existing and the new, potential customers to browse for more information about your products and services.

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