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View image Case: LianaMailer's new Drag & Drop -editor in use Modules that can be moved enable both visually very clear and informative outcome without breaking the predefined appearance. Modules that can be moved enable both visually very clear and informative outcome without breaking the predefined appearance.

Halti is a Finnish company that is specialized on sportswear, outdoor clothing and camping gear. Halti has been popular since 1976 and is one of the most valued sportswear brands in Finland. The company's another brand, Raiski, has also established its position in the domestic outdoor clothing market.

Last spring Halti took LianaMailer tool into use to communicate to consumers in the form of digital  newsletters. The receivers of the newsletters were Halti's customers and the clientele of two different outlet stores.

We need a user-friendly and sharp newsletter that is shown to the receiver as it is planned without having download the images separately. We have beem satisfied with LianaMailer services and the customer support that is almost always online.
Sofia Sandqvist, Halti Oy

LianaMailer is used by several people in Halti. Each user can use newsletter templates that have been custom tailored to the brand image with the Drag & Drop -editor. Drag & Drop -template enables, for example, updating the sender contact information easily – you just drag a ready-made footer-image including either the outlet store or head office contact information to the newsletter template. This way the template tailored to the brand can be used to several different purposes as the template can be adapted to the needs of each serder.

Drag & Drop -template has made it possible to edit the newsletter to meet the needs of every single delivery. Modules that can be moved enable both visually very clear and informative outcome without breaking the predefined appearance.
Sofia Sandqvist, Halti Oy

Drag & Drop is a new generation editor that has a modular newsletter template. The template includes modules that the user can move, arrange and remove freely. Newsletter structure adapts according to need while the general appearance remains the same.

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