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5 tips to get your messages through Instead of being fixated on old receiver lists or registers it might be a better idea to concentrate on collecting new subscribers or on doing well targeted marketing with the help of good quality rented lists.

A functioning tool and a reliable service provider are without a doubt the single most important factor in getting your newsletters through to the receivers end. A developed and accountable service provider will guide their customers in how to use the right kind of registers and will also take care of the quality of their servers. By doing so the service provider will help their own customers to get their messages through. However, the responsibility is not entirely on the service providers end. We collected some tips on how you as an e-mail marketer can have a positive impact on the matter.

  1. Target well. There's still way too much of e-mail marketing out there in which the amount of emails is found to be more important than the quality. Unfortunately, people often think that if you sent enough messages and to as many people as possible, someone will take the bait. This point-of-view is a bit short sighted, not only does it ruin your reputation but it also has a huge impact on how your e-mail marketing will be perceived in the future. Once a spammer, always a spammer.
  2. Use many different channels to collect subscribers to your newsletter. The subscribers that have themselves ordered your newsletter are likely to be your most loyal readers. It's a good idea to collect subscribers actively on your website or facebook site for example. To do this you should create clear and easy-to-use interfaces from where the interested parties can order your newsletter.
  3. Avoid rented lists with poor quality. Measure the effectivess of your list by monitoring the amount of bounces. Also make sure that your service provider takes care of the reputation and shape of their servers.
  4. Clean up your register and keep it clean. Make sure that your marketing tool has the best possible functionalities to help you keep your register clean. In choosing a service provider it might be a good idea to ask them how they are taking care of these things. Instead of being fixated on old receiver lists and registers it might be a better idea to concentrate on collecting new subscribers or on doing well targeted marketing with the help of good quality rented lists if this is approved in your market.
  5. Observe the effectiveness of your messages both in terms of the content as well as subject lines and always strive on developing your communications further. The fact that your message goes through to the receivers mailbox is only the first step in a well perceived message. The rest is up to the content and a well functioning technique.

LianaMailer is a powerful tool for effective e-mail marketing and trusted by hundreds of companies and many government entities all over the world. While working with LianaMailer, you can concentrate on the most important, the content. We take care of the technique, make sure that the messages look sharp and professional and open correctly at the receiver's end. We won't do the content for you but we'll do our best to make sure you can develop your communications further. LianaMailer's comprehensive reporting tools and A/B testing make it easy for you to be constantly aware of just how well your communications is working.

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