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Find your perfect match - how to select the ideal newsletter software

 You might want to get started with email marketing now, but where do you see yourself in two or three years?

Email marketing is definitely a relationship worth investing in. But what criteria should a good newsletter software actually fulfil? And how do you choose your perfect match among all of those who want to date you? Read More Jun 27, 2017

How can marketers prepare for GDPR? (and how are we preparing)

 When the first data request arrives, it shouldn't come as a surprise for the marketers.

With the enforcement date of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) approaching, the topic is on everyone's lips. We decided to write a series of blog posts to uncover the details of the regulation and to offer you our best advice to prepare. Read More Jun 15, 2017

10 most common misconceptions about marketing automation

 A lot of content is needed, but there's no need to panic. Remember to refine, repurpose, retarget and reshare.

Marketers are finally embracing the potential of marketing automation. But before we get to work, let's shed a few of the most common misconceptions. Read More Jun 6, 2017

5 questions and answers: this is how you get started with marketing automation (without any grey hair)

 Advance one department at a time instead of putting all the processes through a complete makeover.

Marketing automation can be a long, distressing and expensive project – or not. We gathered five questions and tips from professionals. Are you thinking about marketing automation? Ask yourself these questions! Read More Jun 5, 2017

Key opinion leaders: who are they and why do they matter?

 51% of marketers report that influencer marketing has become more effective for acquiring customers than other channels (R2Insights)

Key opinion leaders, also known as influencers, are people or organizations that have such a strong social status that their recommendations and opinions are listened to when making important decisions. Read More May 4, 2017

How to find key opinion leaders?

 Continuously monitoring your own industry creates the basis for finding influencers.

Key opinion leader surveys can be done as one-off by monitoring the current situation. In the best case, however, finding influencers is a part of everyday communications and marketing that includes social media and media monitoring, press releases and PR. Read More May 2, 2017

6 ways to improve online customer experience in tourism

 Nowadays people tend to book trips on the go. Make the booking process smooth and user-friendly for your customers by launching a webpage adapting to all devices.

In the first article in our series, we presented the ways to improve online experience in eCommerce. Then, we continued the discussion with the tips on how to build a superior online experience in the IT industry. In the last article in this series, we compiled the list of 6 ways to improve online experience in tourism. Read More Apr 7, 2017

6 ways to improve online customer experience in IT

 Integrating a marketing automation platform is crucial to ensure an exceptional online customer experience in the digital business.

In January we dived into online customer experiences in e-Commerce. Now it’s time to take a look at the ways to build a superior online experience in the IT industry. Read More Mar 17, 2017

Before, after and during: SEO checklist for website revamp [Infographic]

 View image SEO is especially important during a website or online store revamp project.

With most people starting their journey on the customer path in search engines, understanding search engine optimization (SEO) and using it to your advantage is critical for every organization. SEO is especially important when handling a website or online store revamp project. Read More Mar 16, 2017

Mobile Application Buyers' Guide

 26% of installed apps are abandoned after the first use. This means nearly one in four users downloads an app, uses it once and never opens it again.

Whether for pure branding purposes, generating revenue or audience engagement, a mobile application can give you a great edge in both B2B and B2C sectors. To help you get maximum value from an app we have prepared this Mobile Application Buyers' Guide. Read More Mar 6, 2017

8 tips to personalize your emails

 Personalized subject lines can increase open rates up to a whopping 41%.

Have you ever wondered how to make your newsletters distinct and easy to notice? Keep on reading to learn the 8 best email personalization practices. Read More Feb 27, 2017

How to make sure my press release is published?

 What is interesting to you, might not be for the majority of readers. Write your releases primarily from the reader's perspective.

Newspapers, media, freelance editors and bloggers receive hundreds of releases daily and it's tough to stand out from the mass. We gathered 8 tips on how to improve the chances of your press release getting published. Read More Feb 2, 2017

6 ways to improve online customer experience in eCommerce

 With 59% of marketers experiencing good ROI after personalizing their online stores, it is clear that personalization is essential for an e-retailer.

Let’s take a look at what should be taken into account in building a great online experience in eCommerce, IT, and tourism. In the first article of this series, we start with tips and tricks on how to improve the customer experience for online shoppers. Read More Feb 2, 2017

How to create a great press release?

 Numbers often convince the reader of the significance of your product or operations. Visualizing stats with graphs and charts can make an otherwise dull subject seem...

You can tell when you have a great press release at your hands. It’s ready to publish as it is, succinct, easy to understand and has an interesting topic with a clearly stated core point. A great release also has a clear and consistent structure that follows a pattern proven to be successful. Read More Jan 31, 2017

14 reasons to use marketing automation

 Marketing automation has a big role in organizing the work within the marketing team as well as between teams.

For most of those who do professional marketing, an automation tool is either an everyday instrument or at least is on the top of the shopping list for 2017. Here are 14 reasons to take it into action! Read More Jan 18, 2017 2

10 trends in digital marketing to happen in 2017 [Infographic]

 If you are still not taking advantage of data and analytics, you're doing it at your peril. The future will be driven by data and the ability to apply it properly...

At the beginning of the new year, it's important for a digital marketer to analyze their marketing actions during the past year and check if they utilize the most important tools. This is also the time to plan marketing tactics for the upcoming year. Read our list of marketing trends you should look into in 2017. Read More Jan 3, 2017

How to get started with Google Analytics?

 Google Analytics can help you get to know your visitors better, spend resources more efficiently and works as a stepping stone for overall business growth. So, start...

If you haven’t used data and Google Analytics to your advantage yet, now is a good time to start. In many cases, there is an untapped potential that the use of Google Analytics will reveal. It will provide you valuable information to act on and back up your business decisions. In this article, we will cover some basics to get you started. Read More Jan 2, 2017

Mobile development now and in the future

 In terms of application development, separating devices is starting to be a blurred line. Services become standardized regardless of the device.

Due to the rise of smartphones, the number of mobile services exploded at the beginning of the decade. In the past five years we've seen mobile devices go from an additional gadget to the most used online device. Which factors and concepts shape the development of mobile services from now on and what is their meaning to marketers? Read More Dec 22, 2016

5 reasons why social media monitoring is a must

 The sweetest part about social media monitoring is the opportunity to take advantage of competitors' faults. Spot an unhappy competitor's customer and help them.

You will obviously get notified on social media channels when someone tags you on a post, but people tend to gossip without letting you know. Thus, as a rule, you find out only a fraction of what people think and talk about you. Read More Dec 16, 2016

5 Digital Tips for the Christmas season

 During Christmas holidays, people have time to browse online, they want to use the present gift cards, and are looking to change the wrong size sweaters.

Even though the marketing and communications offices go quiet, the customers won't lose their interest – usually the exact opposite. By planning ahead and scheduling you can spend the holidays without a care. We listed 5 handy Christmas tips for yuletide marketing and communications. Read More Dec 9, 2016

The Ultimate Digital Marketer’s Checklist

 To help you make your digital marketing systemized we’ve prepared the digital marketer checklist outlining the major tools a marketer should use today.

On the one hand, the rapid growth of different marketing software represents tremendous opportunities to grow your business. The other side of the coin, is, however, that it is easy to get lost in the digital jungle and end up using the digital instruments insufficiently or neglect to apply some of the powerful tools. Read More Dec 5, 2016

Remarketing in a nutshell: Keep them close

 Remarketing should be seen as the art of closing in on a customer who has shown a high interest in your brand and products, and keeping them close ever after.

One could argue that remarketing is the easiest form of marketing. Remarketing should be seen as the art of closing in on a customer who has shown a high interest in your brand and products, and keeping him or her close ever after. Read More Nov 17, 2016

3 ways to start listening to social media

 By following the discussion related to your brand you get feedback in real time and can quickly react to customers' comments.

Utilizing social media in communications and marketing is already familiar to businesses. It's acknowledged in most companies that actively producing content in social media channels helps to make customers committed and satisfied. Read More Nov 15, 2016

18 Stunning Features Facebook, Twitter & Instagram Offer For Your Business

 Marketing automation and media monitoring tools should support your social media marketing activities to make it more efficient.

Social media is a powerful tool for companies to achieve their business goals. In this article, you'll find out 18 ways to use SoMe to drive website traffic, boost engagement, increase online sales, raise brand awareness and even promote your mobile app. Read More Nov 15, 2016

The do’s and don’ts of season's greeting emails

 Your customers receive tons of e-greetings from relatives, co-workers, friends, not to even mention your rivals. Make your content stand out to ensure a longer attention...

Make sure you get the most out of email greetings. An E-card is a good way to reach the ultimate number of customers and boost your sales in holiday season. To avoid sending pointless holiday newsletters read our list of the Do’s and Don’ts of holiday greeting emails. Read More Oct 27, 2016