We help you to measure the effectivity of your communications

Media analysis offers you valuable information on which you can base future decisions of communications. Get data of your organization’s visibility, the effectivity of your brand and many other factors. Reach your communications goals through tailored media analysis made by Liana’s professionals.

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Why media analysis?

  • You get an unbiased perspective on your media visibility and how to develop it
  • You’ll be able to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of yours and competitor’s brands
  • You get concrete data which you can utilize in the future decision making
  • You’ll know when and how your organization is talked about in different media
  • You’ll know if your press releases have been published in desired media and what their effectiveness has been
  • You’ll receive constant feedback on the achievement of set goals and the effectiveness of your communications
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How do we help you to make results?

  • Based on your needs and goals, we create a customized media analysis that you can use in developing your communications
  • We collect data that interests you with Liana®Cloud PR & Media solution and give reports in an easy-to-read format
  • We measure your visibility in journalistic media, social media channels, online forums and blogs
  • We go through the analysis together in order to improve your communications and reach your goals

What is included in media analysis as a service?

The service package can include, for example

  • Kick-off meeting in which we check your needs for media analysis
  • Result plan which includes your concrete goals and follow-up on the results
  • Electronic delivery on your media analysis at desired intervals, for example monthly, quarterly or annually
  • Easy-to-read reports, which you can share as such to management, for instance
  • Reviewing the analysis results together with our professionals always when needed

Media analysis as a service starts from 120€/month.
The final price is determined by the size of the package.

We can compile the following types of media analysis, for example

  • Reviewing the public image of the company or organization
  • Competitor analysis
  • Analyses of certain theme or industry
  • The publicity of the organization during an event or a crisis
  • The organization’s relationship to phenomena
  • Tone analysis of the articles written about the organization
  • The reach of media hits, i.e. the number of the potential audience
  • Social media analysis

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