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Automation supports your marketing tasks by having all the marketing components: customer data, emails, content, landing pages, campaigns and reporting working systematically together. Dicover how easy it is to implement marketing automation.


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marketing automation for automated workflows and automated messages

Relevant marketing messages by segments

  • Automated welcome messages 
  • Shopping cart reminders
  • New customer onboarding messages
  • Activating of passive customers
  • Sending renewal of fixed-term contracts 
Marketing Automation to nurture and qualify leads

Every stage of the customer journey

  • Turn leads into paying customers
  • Commit your customers along the buying path
  • Grow your business with upsell- and cross-selling campaigns
  • Nurture your existing customer with customer care messages
  • Optimize the marketing actions based on reports

Why LianaAutomation?

marketing automation software LianaMailer

Liana team's support

You will have Liana Team's support on your reach whenever needed.

Easy to use

You can build any marketing automation workflows with an easy Drag-and-Drop editor.

Integration to existing marketing solutions

Collect data from your CRM, create segments and store everything in one system.

Automation as a service

We are the experts of Liana@Cloud Marketing Automation technology and its features. We can help you to gain the most benefit from the solution to develop your digital marketing and grow the business.

"The first automation we created with LianaAutomation has made a significant difference to our business. We've seen a threefold increase in qualified leads and a twofold increase in converted leads, interestingly we did this without driving more traffic."

Jamal A. Biyrouti
Business Development Manager, Meirc Training & Consulting
More than 3,500 customers   Liana Technologies

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