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Start using customer data and create campaigns in a smart way with the Liana®Cloud Marketing Automation software. Implement marketing automation along the customer journey and deliver relevant and well-timed messages based on behavioral triggers. Connect data, landing pages and email marketing automation with one tool. 

Personalize marketing actions - and save time!

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Key Benefits of our Marketing Automation Software

Easy Segmentation of Data

Create segments based on your CRM system, customer accounts, or website visitors. Other systems can be easily integrated into our platform.

Intuitive Journey Builder

Drag and drop journey builder makes marketing automation workflow creation easy and fast. You will have a variety of options for different triggers and events which can be further modified.

Responsive Email Composer

Build and create emails directly on the automation platform. Have all that you need for the complete automation flow in the same view.

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Book an appointment with a Liana expert for a personalized demo. Our solution is used by thousands of both B2C and B2B businesses around the world.

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Over 3,500 companies trust Liana Technologies to deliver their Marketing & PR Technology stack worldwide. Liana has customers in 29 different countries and the technology is offered in several different languages. Our motto is Liana ️️️️️️️ Marketers, and the love is mutual.