The easy way of doing marketing automation

With our Liana®Cloud Marketing Automation solution, you can implement well-timed marketing actions, whether it is simple automation or more complex workflow, based on your customer data. You can turn your website visitors into hot leads and nurture or activate existing customers effortlessly. 

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Why marketing automation?

Utilize automation to..

  • Ensure that leads are turning to paying customers
  • Commit your customers along the buying path
  • Grow your business with upsell- and cross-selling campaigns
  • Nurture your existing customer with customer care messages
  • Improve the efficiency of your paid ad campaigns
  • Optimize the marketing actions based on reports

Do it by..

  • Creating Multi-channel automation that combines mobile apps, print, social media, and Google Ads
  • Identifying website visitors
  • Understanding customer paths and customer engagement
  • Setting shopping cart reminders
  • Creating new customer onboarding messages
  • Activating of passive customers
  • Sending renewal of fixed-term contracts
  • Setting automation flows for events

"The first automation we created with LianaAutomation has made a significant difference to our business. We've seen a threefold increase in qualified leads and a twofold increase in converted leads, interestingly we did this without driving more traffic."

Jamal A. Biyrouti
Business Development Manager, Meirc Training & Consulting

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