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You don't have to be a marketing automation expert to see results - outsource marketing automation to us and we can do all the heavy lifting for you! Just tell us what you want to achieve, and our team will make it happen. You'll get results with a professional team at your back.

We will make automation work for you

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When you choose to buy our marketing automation service, we'll handle all the integrations, build modules into one powerful ecosystem, and create custom marketing automation workflows tailored to your business. With our help, you'll get all the advantages of an automated system.

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Our customers are using LianaAutomation to...


Utilize automation to capture and segment the contacts with your content. The automation platform talks to existing marketing channels and recognizes the lead sources, so you can understand the channels and lead sources better.


Utilize data from your audience and personalized content on the workflow to nurture leads for your business. Automated communication guides contacts further in the funnel until they are ready to be contacted.



Convert your audience when the moment is right. Once the automation workflows are set, you are communicating with your customers, empowering them to convert as well as providing data from the leads to sales to recognize opportunities.

Automate tasks

Lead Generation:

  • Email automation & transactional messages
  • Lead nurturing, upselling and cross-selling
  • Shopping cart reminders

Existing customers:

  • Onboarding
  • Activating passive customers
  • Renewal of temporary contracts

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Why Liana?

  • We are experts in marketing automation technology and providing results with it
  • We have implemented marketing automation workflows with a variety of complexities for a number of customers
  • We understand the system ecosystems and we do custom integrations 
  • We set clear, concrete, and measurable goals for your automation workflows
  • We follow up on the results regularly and make sure they support your goals

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