We help you to make results with marketing automation

The most important task for marketing automation is to save resources and provide valuable leads. Reach your goals by creating your marketing automation campaigns together with Liana’s professionals.

Why outsourcing?

  • You don’t have enough time or resources to do marketing automation
  • You want to make sure that your leads turn into paying customers
  • You want help with engaging with customers in different phases of the customer journey
  • You want to increase sales with upselling and cross-selling campaigns
  • You want professionals to plan and create automation campaigns for you
  • You want to benefit from Liana’s long time expertise in marketing automation
Marketing automation workflow illustration

How do we help you to make results?

  • We create multi-channel marketing automation campaigns which support your goals
  • We help you to minimize the costs of customer acquisition
  • We help you to nurture customer relationships in different phases of the customer lifecycle
  • We set clear, concrete and measurable goals for your automation workflows
  • We follow-up the results regularly and make sure they support your goals

What is included in marketing automation as a service?

The service package can include, for example

  • Kick-off meeting in which we check your needs and plan upcoming automation campaigns
  • Result plan which includes your concrete goals and follow-up on the results
  • Planning and creating automation campaigns
  • Content creation for automated messages
  • Reporting and lead generation for your sales and CRM
  • Targeted advertising campaigns with paid ads

Marketing automation as a service starts from 600€ + 210€/month. The final price is determined by the size of the package.

We can create following automation campaigns, for example

  • Onboarding
  • Upselling and cross-selling
  • Recognizing website visitors
  • Customer journeys
  • Event automations
  • Recruitment
  • Activating passive customers
  • Shopping cart reminders
  • Renewal of temporary contracts
  • Light email automations
  • Multi-channel automations that combine for example mobile apps, print, social media and Google Ads

 Ask more about different use cases of marketing automation!

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