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Case Nissan

Case Nissan Tomi Saikkonen With the help of just two email campaigns, Nissan generated more than 1700 leads which resulted in 7 sold cars. Tomi Saikkonen Vice President, Liana Technologies, Middle East

Ramadan is a highly competitive time for businesses in the Middle East. The cluttered media landscape represents a big challenge to reach the target audience and stand out from competition with traditional marketing channels.

However, email marketing can be an effective solution. Arabian Automobiles Company – the official distributor of Nissan – successfully seized the Ramadan opportunity using LianaMailer as their email marketing tool.

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Case Al Nabooda Automobiles LLC

Case Al Nabooda Automobiles LLC Mr. Bisher Yousfi The analytics LianaMailer provides is outstanding and helps us to measure the effectiveness of our campaigns in a reliable fashion. Mr. Bisher Yousfi Marketing Manager, Al Nabooda Volkswagen

Al Nabooda Automobiles LLC is an authorised dealer of Volkswagen in Dubai and Northern Emirates. The company constantly improves the standards of their services. For this reason, they started to create email marketing campaigns using LianaMailer tool. The purpose of the email campaign was to improve and update the current system of the company.

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Case FINE Elina Antila Developing our own websites requires that we’re constantly awake and anticipating what the future brings. With the help of LianaCMS, we now have a better chance to respond to the upcoming challenges and develop the websites even further. Elina Antila Head of Communications, FINE

FINE is a Finnish financial sector organisation. The website is one of the most important channels for FINE to reach consumers. Therefore, they wanted to be sure that their website is easy to use and professionally made. As a result, FINE started a digital makeover for their website with the help of LianaCMS tool. Their goal was to create a user-friendly website which would enable visitors to find the needed information easily and fast.

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Case Sinebrychoff

Case Sinebrychoff Terttu Niutanen These days it is difficult to attract people’s attention. However, with the help of LianaMailer and LianaCMS, we are now one step closer. Terttu Niutanen Communiations Manager, Sinebrychoff

Sinebrychoff is the leading manufacturer of beers, ciders, soft drinks and energy drinks in Finland. The company wanted to reinforce their position as a loyal partner and the leading brewery of Finland. As a result, Sinebrychoff decided to strengthen their customer relationships through digital communication. Sinebrychoff started working with Liana Technologies to build the product site and run their newsletter campaigns.

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Case Valco Properties Broker

Case Valco Properties Broker Tomi Saikkonen With just one email campaign sent with LianaMailer Valco Properties Broker generated 55 sales-qualified leads. Tomi Saikkonen Vice President, Liana Technologies, Middle East

Valco Properties Broker LLC provides residential and commercial real estate services in one of the fastest growing real estate markets in the world – Dubai.

To enhance their digital marketing efforts and improve lead generation, the company started utilizing email marketing. Liana Technologies was chosen as a reliable and effective toolkit.

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Case World Vision Finland

Case World Vision Finland Anna Pollari Liana solutions are easy to use and quick to introduce to a new colleague. Anna Pollari Head of Communications, World Vision Finland

World Vision Finland is one of the biggest humanitarian and advocacy organizations in the country. Their goal is to protect children's rights all around the globe. The organization uses Liana media monitoring and press release distribution in its operations.

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Case OSAO Marsa Jurvakainen If we are not online, we don’t exist. This is why we needed new and updated websites to grow awareness. Marsa Jurvakainen Communication Manager, OSAO

OSAO is one of the leading vocational colleges in Finland. OSAO noticed that their main target group is online so they needed to develop their online presence. Therefore, OSAO decided to have a digital makeover and updated websites were a part of it. The website was built on LianaCMS that enabled them to carry out the layout and functionalities without making compromises.

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Case Bin Nakhira & Partners

Case Bin Nakhira & Partners Mahmoud Abuwasel LianaPress is our go-to solution for press outreach. Thanks to the tool, we have been featured on leading media in the MENA which significantly increases our brand visibility. Mahmoud Abuwasel Mahmoud Abuwasel, Partner at Bin Nakhira & Partners | Co-Chair at Harvard AE

Bin Nakhira & Partners uses Liana Technologies for press release distribution across the MENA region.

After only a few months of using LianaPress, the law firm got a significant media attention. In particular, the company was featured on the leading MENA media, such as Arabian Business, Gulf Business, and others.

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Case Avis

Case Avis Max Lindholm LianaMailer has met our expectations. We have been able to do everything we wanted to do with the tool. Max Lindholm Sales & Marketing Advisor, Avis

Avis Car Rental and its subsidiaries operate one of the world’s best-known car rental brands with over 5000 locations in more than 165 countries. Avis has a large clientele that the company wanted to approach with customer emails. The goal was to build relationships and to maintain regular contact with customers and prospects. In LianaMailer, the company found the easy-to-use tool that they were looking for to carry out professional email marketing.

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Case Kaira Clothing

Case Kaira Clothing Jussi Holck At the beginning we just wanted to try how the press release works but now we really understand the purpose of the media communication as a cost-effective tool and the continuum, which is vital for maintaining the brand. Jussi Holck CEO, Kaira Clothing

Kaira Clothing is a Finnish fashion startup company. In the fashion industry it is important to stand out from the crowd. However, it is difficult – especially when it comes to startups. This is why Kaira Clothing was looking for a cost-effective way to increase the visibility of their business. As a result, they decided to start communicating through LianaPress news release distribution.

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Case Kreab

Case Kreab Lauri Hyppölä In LianaPress we appreciate the exceptional usability of the service, the up to date media database and the possibility for international press release distribution. Lauri Hyppölä Associate Director, Kreab Helsinki

Kreab Helsinki is Finland’s leading agency in corporate and financial communications. It is important for the company that its clients get as much visibility as possible and that the messages it sends are picked up by the media. In LianaPress the company found a press distribution service that is reliable, secure and easy to use.

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