Marketing Cloud Case

1. About the customer

1. About the customer

Lapland Hotels is a hotel chain in Lapland. As the leading holiday provider, it offers a variety of holiday packages, experiences and services in nine destinations in Finland. All in all, Lapland Hotels offers its customers 12 different hotels to choose from.

The clients come from several countries all around the world, including Europe, Russia and Asia. Since Lapland Hotels has such a diverse clientele, it is very important that the company is able to reach their customers in different markets. Therefore, it is crucial to have professional and multilingual web services.

2. What were the challenges?

View image 2. What were the challenges? Juho Mattila These days companies need agile and user-friendly tools to carry out online marketing strategies. Juho Mattila Business Director, Marketing Automation, Liana Technologies

The company's objective was to start selling holidays and services online. However, the existing website was a little bit outdated for this purpose. Furthermore, the customer data wasn't utilized effectively enough or used in customer communication. With the tools and services at hand, Lapland Hotels was not able to identify the customers that buy and visit their destinations frequently. Therefore, they needed a solution that would improve both their website as well as the process of handling the customer data.

3. How were the goals achieved?

Lapland Hotels chose Liana Marketing Cloud products to uplift their digital marketing. The Liana Marketing Cloud product family is a comprehensive toolkit to manage the appearance and content of a website, to carry out digital marketing campaigns and to analyze the results.

With the help of LianaCMS Lapland Hotels was able to update the layout and functionalities of the website in cooperation with an advertising agency. The website was built as an ecommerce website to enable customers to book their holidays online in the future. Furthermore, the company wanted to put effort on the mobile-friendliness of their digital marketing activities. As a result, mobile optimized messages with their own visual identity were put in place. Both the website and online store were built to recognize mobile devices through responsive design. In order to gather customer data more extensively, the website was powered with customer surveys. The data was processed with the help of LianaCEM automation tool which initiated regular and targeted marketing activities based on user profiles. The company also started a frequent visitor program and Lapland Club for loyal customers.

4. What were the results?

View image 4. What were the results?

LianaMailer provides top-quality reporting tools to measure the results of the company's newsletters. Using the reporting tools Lapland Hotels measured its results:

  • Average Open Ratio (OR): 20,04%
  • Average Click-Through Ratio (CTR): 5,54%

With the help of LianaCEM Lapland Hotels was able to identify their loyal customers and carry out targeted newsletter campaigns for them. The results of their carefully targeted newsletters were superior. Open Ratio increased +91,02% and the Click-Through Ratio faced a massive +226,90% increase:

  • Average Open Ratio (OR): 38,28%
  • Average Click-Through Ratio (CTR): 18,11%

What is more, the results were also seen in sales. In 2014 the following rates increased:

Online store's revenue Average order value Purchases Conversion rate
Compared to 2013 +30% +12% +10% +26%
Compared to 2012 +50% +20% +30% +50%
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