Ecommerce Case

1. Background

1. Background

Royal Orchid Wine is an online store selling fine wines, spirits, and alcoholic beverages in Hong Kong, Macau and mainland China. The company collaborates with over 30 exclusive agency brands of wines globally.

Royal Orchid Wine was looking for a new e-commerce platform and switched to LianaCommerce due to its reliability and scalability.

2. Overall webstore improvement

View image 2. Overall webstore improvement Jonna Seppänen Today, Google punishes websites with weak mobile optimization by ranking them lower in search results. Designing a responsive webstore was one of the key priorities in this project. Jonna Seppänen Sales Director, Liana Technologies

We implemented an online store revamp project for Royal Orchid Wine. During the redesign, emphasis was put on the usability, mobile-friendliness and the overall appeal of the store.

Among others, the key improvements included:

  • A more modern and fresh look
  • Improved UX
  • Social sharing buttons
  • A pop-up window to promote special offers
  • A discount countdown to urge purchase decisions
  • Shopping carts reminders

3. Incorporating email marketing

View image 3. Incorporating email marketing Timo Takkula Marketing is an essential part of any webstore. LianaCommerce seamlessly integrates to LianaMailer so it is easy for our customers to extend to email marketing solution LianaMailer. Timo Takkula Front-end developer & designer, Liana Technologies

Royal Orchid Wine expanded their product line to 994 items. With such a diverse product range, it is crucial that the webstore still remains easy to manage and update. With LianaCommerce, the users can easily add new products and create new product categories with just a few clicks.

The managers of the webstore can also promote their products with special offers displayed on the front page.

After a successful website relaunch, the company chose LianaMailer to amplify their marketing with email campaigns. Royal Orchid Wine sends their hot deals and monthly offers to the customers with the help of LianaMailer.

4. Results

4. Results

Results of the eCommerce store revamp and email marketing:


  • Increase in sales: 119 % in 60 days
  • Increase in new carts: 37.5% in 60 days

Email marketing:

  • The Highest Click-Through ratio: 284% higher than the industry average 
  • The Highest Open ratio: 283% higher than the industry average 
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