Email Marketing for Real Estate: Case Valco Properties Broker

Email Marketing for Real Estate: Case Valco Properties Broker

Email Marketing for Real Estate: Case Valco Properties Broker

Valco Properties Broker LLC provides residential and commercial real estate services in one of the fastest growing real estate markets in the world – Dubai.

To enhance their digital marketing efforts and improve lead generation, the company started utilizing email marketing. Liana Technologies was chosen as a reliable and effective toolkit.

Read how with just one email campaign sent with LianaMailer Valco Properties Broker generated 55 sales-qualified leads.

Beautiful templates built fast and easily

View image Beautiful templates built fast and easily Tomi Saikkonen We customized newsletter templates for Valco Properties Broker to make sure every email expresses the brand's look and feel. Tomi Saikkonen Vice President, Liana Technologies, Middle East

Timing is everything in the real estate industry. With LianaMailer's handy drag-and-drop email templates, Valco Properties Broker creates email campaigns in just minutes. 

As such, the company received the information about a new property and quickly compiled an appealing newsletter encouraging to register the interest in the residency. 

Data-driven email marketing and results

Data-driven email marketing and results

One of the greatest benefits of LianaMailer is its real-time reports that help to analyze the email marketing performance. The reports show Open Rates, Click-Through-Rates, click heatmaps, openers/non-openers, among others. 

After sending the campaign, Valco Properties Broker analyzed how users engaged with the newsletter and decided to do a remarketing campaign to the non-openers, by using an additional newsletter with the same content.

The following results were achieved:

  • The first newsletter brought 40 sign-ups
  • The remarketing newsletter brought an additional 15 sign-ups
  • In total: 55 sign-ups have been received and transferred to the firm's agents

Other improvements

View image Other improvements

On top of effective lead generation, the company highly appreciates the following aspects of using LianaMailer:

  • Secure deliverability. Liana’s specialists helped Valco Properties Broker clean their database which reduced the percentage of bounces.
  • Email segmentation. Thanks to LianaMailer's segmentation feature, the company sends highly targeted emails to specific communities in Dubai instead of talking to the masses.
  • Personal Account Manager. Liana’s team of experts guided Valco Properties Broker on how to get started with email marketing. Also, a monthly account overview is conducted where Liana’s experts help the company get the most out of email marketing and introduce new tips and tricks.