1. The Story

1. The Story Samuel Sihvola LianaCMS is suitable for various needs. It allows companies to build both small campaign sites as well as larger corporate sites. Samuel Sihvola Key Account Manager, Liana Technologies

The Oulu Vocational College OSAO is a multidisciplinary vocational college, training competent professionals for the labour market. OSAO provides up-to-date education that is in line with the needs of work life. College’s goals are to maintain community’s well-being, recognize learning disabilities and prevent bullying. In terms of its appeal, the extent of its operations and results, OSAO is one of the leading vocational colleges in Finland.

2. New direction

View image 2. New direction Marsa Jurvakainen If we are not online, we don’t exist. This is why we needed new and updated websites to grow awareness. Marsa Jurvakainen Communication Manager, OSAO

OSAO’s main goal was to grow awareness. In order to get people’s interest, they decided to have a digital makeover and updated websites were a part of it. Before starting the makeover OSAO needed to find out their exact target group and how to reach them. Consequently, OSAO decided to limit their target group to people who are applying for colleges. They noticed that their target group is online so they had to be there as well. Another goal was to divide responsibility. In other words, OSAO wanted that along with the communication professionals also other people in the organization can work with the website.

3. Solution

3. Solution

OSAO noticed the need for a new system since they couldn’t keep up with the fast growing information technology. The main reason was that their previous website was 10 years old and it didn’t work with mobile devices. Information has to be easily available since most of the people have smartphones. As a result, they needed new tools in order to improve the layout and the functionalities of the websites. OSAO chose Liana Technologies to provide the needed tools since they wanted to have a partner who gives additional service along with the product, such as support, help and a touch of personality.

4. Implementation

View image 4. Implementation Mika Tiainen Even without previous experience on maintaining a website, after a short introduction everyone can use LianaCMS. Mika Tiainen Sales Manager, Liana Technologies

OSAO designed the concept, user interface, visuality and functionalities of the website together with their advertising agency companion Työmaa. The website was built on LianaCMS that enabled them to carry out the layout and functionalities without making compromises. Now the websites have been designed responsive which means mobile friendliness is taken into account. By doing so companies can ensure that opening the webpage with a mobile device won't frustrate the reader to bounce off due to poor browsing experience. OSAO also paid attention to the web typography by using the newest practices. What is more, now working with the website is easy and logical which enables OSAO to divide responsibility.

5. Outcome

5. Outcome Marsa Jurvakainen It was amazing to notice how fast the webpage started to look like we had planned for. We definitely got what we had ordered. Marsa Jurvakainen Communication Manager, OSAO

OSAO’s website got a special mention from the Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland stating that their website is exemplary. OSAO also continuously receive positive feedback from other schools concerning the improved and updated websites.

LianaCMS’s built in search engine optimization tool was used for the site’s SEO which has incresed OSAO’s search engine visibility. After launching the new website, the website traffic has increased +30%. Furthermore, the mobile traffic has increased +20% compared to the previous year.

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