Case Kreab

1. Introduction

1. Introduction Lauri Hyppölä In LianaPress we appreciate the exceptional usability of the service, the up to date media database and the possibility for international press release distribution. Lauri Hyppölä Associate Director, Kreab Helsinki

Kreab Helsinki is a company specialized in financial and investor communications, corporate and community communications and in social relations. The company provides tailored solutions to both small and large companies, to societies and to the public sector. When it comes to financial and investor communications, Kreab has been acknowledged as the most respected agency in Finland.

2. Starting point

2. Starting point Antti Korpela An up-to-date media database is an essential part of having good visibility in the press. For this reason we at Liana Technologies make an effort to continuously update the reporter lists. Antti Korpela Business Development Director, Liana Technologies

As a communications agency, Kreab has a need for media communication. It is important for the company that its clients get as much visibility as possible and that the messages it sends are picked up by the media.

The company also often handles communication on challenging subjects like corporate mergers and acquisitions so the distribution service for the press releases has to be reliable, secure and easy to use.

3. Implementation

3. Implementation Lauri Hyppölä We chose LianaPress because we had only heard good things about the service. It has met our expectations and especially the user interface of the service gets a lot of praise from the employees. Everyone at Kreab knows how to use LianaPress. Lauri Hyppölä Associate Director, Kreab Helsinki

The press distribution service LianaPress impressed Kreab with its good reputation and user-friendly experience. With the service, communicating with the press is fast and effortless. Also, it is easy to teach employees to use LianaPress.

The barrier to use the service is really low”, say the people in Kreab.

4. Results

4. Results Antti Korpela The LianaPress analytics tools are really handy because you can easily follow which reporters have opened and clicked your press release. Antti Korpela Business Development Director, Liana Technologies

The goals set for visibility and reliable delivery were achieved with LianaPress quickly. The company’s press releases have been picked up well in the media which has given them wide visibility. Kreab has also received a lot of positive feedback and contacts with regards to the releases. LianaPress offers easy to use tools for tracking goals. With these tools, Kreab has been able to measure the impact of their press releases. With LianaPress, Kreab has achieved the following results:

  • 99% of the press releases have been published in media
  • Press releases for the clients have been featured in all the notable financial and general media outlets
  • Inbound contacts from clients and stakeholders have increased