Case Kaira Clothing

1. The Story

1. The Story Antti Hämäläinen Visuality is important to us since we want to bring out the unique beauty of the North. Antti Hämäläinen Designer, Kaira Clothing

Kaira Clothing is a Finnish fashion startup company which was founded at the end of 2014 by three childhood friends. The founders cherish the wild nature of Lapland and its people and want to bring it to life in the form of straightforward designs. Along with its design Kaira Clothing differs from the mainstream by selling only limited editions. Their t-shirt collections have already got international visibility in European fashion blogs.

2. Challenges

2. Challenges Jussi Holck At the beginning we just wanted to try how the press release works but now we really understand the purpose of the media communication as a cost-effective tool and the continuum, which is vital for maintaining the brand. Jussi Holck CEO, Kaira Clothing

It’s not easy to stand out in the fashion industry – especially when it comes to start-ups. Like many other part-time entrepreneurs, the owners of Kaira Clothing used their own money to start the business. At the beginning company’s marketing tactics were modest and mostly carried out through social media. Thus, the young entrepreneurs were looking for a cost-effective way to increase the visibility of their business.

3. Implementation

3. Implementation Lauri Juntunen These days different types of media are intertwined together in such ways that print media can’t be separated from the world of social media. Lauri Juntunen Account Manager, PR Cloud

Kaira Clothing decided to start communicating through LianaPress news release distribution. LianaPress has an extensive and up-to-date media database which helps to send press releases and news to the desired target media. With the help of LianaPress, Kaira Clothing got media coverage, for example, in local newspapers, Finland's main media and radio. Social media remained as an important communication tool throughout the press release process. Released articles were shared widely in different types of social media platforms, which in turn brought more visibility to Kaira Clothing. 

4. Results

4. Results Jussi Holck The investment paid itself back really fast. Demand of our products and the traffic of our online store have increased more than five-fold thanks to the publicity we have gotten. Jussi Holck CEO, Kaira Clothing

Due to the successful communication and media coverage, the company reached outstanding results:

  • The press release paid itself back just in one day
  • 5x more website traffic
  • The entire stock of Kaira Clothing was sold out within 3 days
  • Online orders from one day were more than the sales of the previous month altogether
  • Company’s revenue increased more than +600%