Case Halti

1. Starting point

1. Starting point Sofia Sandqvist We needed a newsletter that was user friendly and smart and would also appear as planned in the receivers end without any excessive loading of images. Sofia Sandqvist Marketing Designer, Halti

Halti is a Finnish company specialized in the design and manufacturing of outdoor sports and recreation equipment. Since 1976, Halti has remained appealing and is today one of the most appreciated sport clothing brands in Finland. The company's other brand, Raiski, has also established its place in the domestic outdoor clothing markets.

Halti needed a tool to reach their consumers via newsletters. The recipients of the newsletter were known to belong to many different groups: Halti's own customers as well as the clientele of two different outlet stores were to be reached. The tool would also have many different users.

2. Planning and execution

2. Planning and execution Ville Lehtoniemi It was clear that the Drag & Drop editor with a structure that can easily be modified was perfect for Halti's purposes. Ville Lehtoniemi Account Director, Liana Technologies

Newsletter templates with their corporate image were tailored for Halti using LianaMailer's Drag & Drop editor. At Halti, many different people use the templates, in which the structure can be modified according to the needs. Thanks to the Drag & Drop editor, the contact details in the template, for example, may easily be updated depending on the sender: either the Outlet store's contact details or the head office's contact details can easily be updated by dragging the right footer-picture onto the template from ready-made modules. This way one template with the same corporate image can easily be utilized for many different purposes, while the template itself modifies according to the sender's needs.

3. Result

View image 3. Result Sofia Sandqvist We have been satisfied with LianaMailer's services as well as with the customer service that's almost always online. Sofia Sandqvist Marketing Designer, Halti

"The Drag & Drop template has made it easy for us to modify our newsletter to meet the needs of each individual campaign. Movable modules allow us to create a visually clear and informative result without messing up the appearance or corporate image.", Sofia Sandqvist describes their user experience with LianaMailer's Drag & Drop editor.

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