Veera Kontiokari

Location: Lianatech HQ
Title: Visual Marketing Specialist
Age: 29
Degree: Bachelor of Arts

I joined Liana in the spring of 2016, after my previous job in graphic design had ended and I was looking for a new position in media design and marketing. I was already familiar with Liana both through my previous job as well as personal contacts, and knew it was a thriving company with a great work environment. 

I started out as a marketing coordinator, working on articles, newsletters and other content marketing for Finland and Dubai. Due to my background in multimedia, I quickly took on more responsibility in the visual aspects of marketing, and my title was upgraded to Visual Marketing Specialist. Nowadays I'm in charge of developing the company's visual image, as well as producing visual content such as flyers, photos, video content, infographics and guides. 

My most interesting project so far is definitely working on the visual image of the company – upgrading our newsletter design, flyers, rollups and general visual style, as well as producing photos and videos to use in marketing.

I really enjoy the work environment and atmosphere at Liana Technologies. The company is very flexible and my coworkers are always very helpful. You can always ask for help, but there is also always room to improve yourself.

Ville Lehtoniemi

Location: Lianatech HQ
Title: Account Director
Age: 32
Degree: Master of Science (M.Sc.), Information Processing Science, Software Business

I started as a sales trainee in 2010. I figured that Liana Technologies could be an excellent place to have a training period. And after all, everything went so well that I’m still here, after more than six years.

I’m a part of the Enterprise Accounts team. My responsibility is to keep some of our major accounts happy and to sell our products to them. And of course I need to get new customers as much as I can as well.

The Eräluvat case might be my most interesting project so far. It is a combination of LianaCMS, LianaMailer and LianaCommerce. Now there is also one automation running. I think Eräluvat LianaCommerce is one of the biggest deals ever made at Liana Technologies!

Ilya Sokolov

Location: Lianatech Hamburg
Title: Account Manager
Age: 22
Degree: Bachelor of Business Administration

My name is Ilya and I am an Account Manager at Liana Technologies. I joined the German team of Liana in September 2016.

My story at Liana started quite spontaneously. After I finished my BBA, I decided to join the work life straight away and I was contacted about an opportunity of contributing to the success of a fast-growing Finnish company on the German Market. After getting acquainted with the tools the company offers, I decided right away that these are the kind of solutions I would love to introduce the German companies to.

However, the biggest positive surprises were waiting for me when I got to my training week in Oulu. That’s when I understood the true value of Liana - the incredible potential, flexibility and authentic team spirit.

Although I believe most of my interesting projects are still to come, the first month has brought me marvelous experiences that include meetings with interesting people, a massive Cologne Marketing Expo and of course, the first deals.

I encourage everyone, who has true passion for sales, great achievements and making the world a better place to join our team!

Samuel Plassmann

Location: Lianatech Paris
Title: Account Manager
Age: 25
Degree : French-Swiss Master in International Business Development and Entrepreneurship

After my studies I worked in a digital agency in Paris and with a well-known software company. I was looking for an opportunity in a more international setting and that's when I found Liana Technologies through a recruitment agency. 

My role at Liana is to develop our business activities in France and to help my clients with their projects. The most interesting part of the job to me is the preliminary discussions with the client, when we elaborate a digital strategy sustained by Liana's tools. This allows me to get a full view of their objectives. 

Working at Liana Technologies also lets me free to fulfill my personal goals, be it with my webradio, my rock band or with my passion for French football. All of my colleagues have very specific and strong passions, which contributes to the strength of our team. 

Yini Wang

Title: Senior Front-end Developer / Team Leader
Age: 25

I have a bachelor’s degree in business administration and I am currently working on my master’s degree in information processing sciences. I started at Liana in 2011 as an intern and, since my internship went smoothly, I joined the Liana crew permanently.

Ai first, I mainly worked on customer projects i.e. designing and implementing newsletters, websites and online stores, and making sure they are in line with the customer's brand. Since I'm a very visual person, I enjoy projects with good-looking designs the most - even if they took a bit more time to implement.

Now that I've also become a team leader in the international team, my working days mainly consist of project management. I help my teammates with their projects and make sure their work flows smoothly forward. Seeing my team succeed and achieve better results is very motivating. Meanwhile, I still work with some customer cases.

Liana Technologies is a global and fast-growing company with a relaxing and fun working environment. The flixibility of working hours is the best thing about working at Liana. It eliminates the conflict between work and life, and enables me to work when I'm at my best productivity level. I also like the possibilities inside company that help you to achieve your own career goal. For instance, you can change teams as you may sometimes try out new things.

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