The birth of a Chief Marketing Technology Officer

21.05.2013 0

The role of marketing and communications in companies has changed significantly over the past years. IT has now become a big part of marketing and communications professionals' daily job which requires them to have a better understanding of technology than ever before. One can argue that a new kind of decision maker has been born in companies – a marketing professional who's job field is somewhere between the old marketing manager and IT-manager. Along with this change, new titles and terms such as the CMTO (Chief Marketing Technology Officer) have seen the daylight.

CMTOs (Chief Marketing Technology Officer) new role is concentrated on marketing but not just the creative side of it. Instead a CMTO uses his/her expertise in technology and analytics to help a company better understand and utilize the customer and market data collected from various channels. By exploiting connective technologies this data can be transformed into understanding and actions; targeted marketing campaigns that run simultaneously in several channels and improve sales. 

How do the marketing and communication professionals benefit from their new situation?

  • Faster timetables. If IT solutions are in the marketer's own hands, bottle necks in schedules can be avoided. Agile marketing communication requires agile technologies. With easy-to-use tools marketing and PR-professionals can themselves carry out different parts of digital communication. 
  • Creative use of technology and binding it into the strategy. Utilizing technology requires creativity just as any other part of communication. When you know what the technologies are capable of, it's much easier to think what you could actually do with those technologies. At the end the opportunities brought to you by technology can become a part of the marketing planning which helps you to look at the future marketing in ways that are creative and innovative in terms of technology as well. 
  • Understanding the budget. By having a comprehension of digital marketing technologies it's much easier to know how these technologies compare to other marketing and communication tools and tactics as well as to the the overall budget. Know what you pay for and how much you benefit from it. 

Today's marketing decision maker as a customer sets new demands on creative partners

Today's CMTO is quite different as a creative partner's or technology provider's customer compared to the marketing manager of previous years who could leave technological concerns mostly on the IT department's shoulders. Technical solutions are a crucial part of the daily job for today's marketers and therefore a significant part of decision making as well. Part of the IT-purchases in companies are today completely on the marketing professionals' shoulders that now know how to demand technically functioning, agile and modern solutions from creative partners as well. 

A customer's developed sense of technology has a big impact on the role of a creative partner in the service chain. Today's customers often know what they're asking for and the demands are on a higher level. The truth is that most of the creative partners no longer have the resources nor the opportunity to address these needs. Developing tools that use the latest technology and keeping up with it all is time consuming and requires alot. Most of the creative partners are thus better off concentrating on what's most important for them, in other words the creative job. Producing quality projects in the core competence areas becomes easier if there's an established technology partner that supports the agency with functioning, modern tools as well as takes care of the customer's technical support.

At Liana Technologies we are also concentrating on our own core competence: agile and scalable digital marketing tools in which the layout and visual look can always be made to reflect an agency's or customer's design. Contact us if you wish to discuss more about our digital marketing toolkit as a part of your agency's customer projects.

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