Pictures in newsletters, show or no show?

12.03.2013 0

As most of us notice daily, a major part of all the newsletters that we receive do not show the pictures by default to the receiver. Instead we are given the option "If you wish to see the pictures, click here" or something similar. At the same time, propably most of us would agree on the fact that a graphic and visually appealing newsletter that instantly looks like it's supposed to is much more interesting than a broken-looking disorderly letter with crosses or empty spaces instead of pictures. But why is it that some letters look sharp and complete right when they arrive in your mailbox and some don't? We decided to bite into the logic and technique behind the whole thing.

Roughly said, there are two ways to add pictures in newsletters:

  1. The pictures may be added to the newsletter as links. In this case the pictures don't show instantly, but the receiver needs to load them. The good news is that the size of the letter stays small, the broken and disorderly letter is, however, not very appealing to the receiver. Usually the reason behind it is the service providers sending or hosting capacity that doesn't allow all newsletters to have pictures attached to them. This brings us to the other option.
  2. The other option is to have all of the pictures as attachments in the letter. This way, the pictures will automatically show at the receivers end resulting in a visually more appealing and effective letter. One might ask "What about the size of the letter, won't it become too big?". This is a justifialble question that needs closer attention. It is for this reason that some email marketing tool providers offer automatic optimization of pictures in the sending phase of the letter, so the size of the letter will remain reasonable yet having a visually appealing letter.

With Liana Technologies' email marketing tool LianaMailer the pictures are always sent as attachments in the newsletters and therefore show instantly. This way the letter is visual and appealing to the receiver - we also take care of the optimization of the pictures and warn you if your letter becomes too big. If you, however, want to send your pictures as loadable links instead of attachments, this is made easy as well. The choice is yours, we make sure that the technique allows either one of the two options. A lot of work is done in the background to ensure your message looks sharp in all the most common email clients and mobile clients. We take care of all of the technique in the background so you can concentrate on the most important, the content.

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