Online storekeepers trust intuition and self-measured knowledge in their advertising

27.07.2012 0

The objective of the research was to study what advertising channels and media are important for online storeskeepers and to define how and on what grounds the channels to be used are chosen. 193 online storekeepers answered the survey conducted via e-mail and online form.

In the survey information was gathered about media used and factors that contribute to choosing certain media. Most popular media were internet, magazines and newspapers. Most popular forms of advertising in internet were search term and e-mail advertising and advertising in social media.

Since different information systems have been taken into use, planning advertising has changed also among online storekeepers towards being more calculated and measured. Almost all Finnish online storekeepers used data processing systems available on internet to support their advertising. Also over half of the respondents reported that they monitor their campaigns very closely. Data produced by own monitoring systems were found to be more important and perceived as more reliable than for example information from different advertising channels and media.

The most important factors contributing to the media selection were factors related to costs, effectiveness of advertising and information about the target group received from media. Quantitative criteria in decision making were more important than qualitative criteria. Habit and intuition had also signifigant role in decision making among the majority of the respondents.