Liana's Digital Treats in 2013

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2013 was a great year both for Liana Technologies and our customers. It's been a great pleasure for us to launch many new product features that make our customers' digital marketing even more effective, advanced and innovative. In this article we'll present a few of the features that we're especially proud of: In addition there are many more we have to offer. You may ask more from our helpful sales team.

LianaMailer: What's new for email marketers in 2013?

  • Responsive newsletter templates were launched in 2013. Research shows that more than half of emails worldwide are now opened using a mobile device, yet only a small part of newsletters are designed responsive. Many of our customers have already started using responsive templates, ask us for more info!
  • Drag & Drop editor saw the daylight in our clientele. While using the modular Drag & Drop template, you don't have to adapt content according to the template but the template adapts according to your needs. By dragging and dropping you can freely add, delete or move content blocks without messing up the newsletter's layout. Read the case: Drag & Drop editor in use.
  • More and more of LianaMailer's users have started utilizing responsive landing sites as a part of their communications. Research shows that well-made landing sites notably boost your email marketing efforts and support your newsletter goals. With LianaMailer's Landing Sites tool you can easily create landing sites, manage content on the pages and shift between the tools seamlessly. Ask us more!

LianaCMS: What's new with content management?

  • LianaCMS's biggest innovation in 2013 is undeniably LianaCMS Analytics Edition™ launched last autumn. The new analytics-driven site engine is a unique touch on content management since it brings the site's analytics data straight to the admin view of the content manager. LianaCMS's user can thus easily see the best and the worst of the site with a single glance and develop the content further as a part of the daily routines. Ask for a demo and see it yourself!
  • Responsive websites have broke through in content management. Dozens of responsive websites have already been published with LianaCMS, including our own websites. This year alone, we've already published several responsive websites. "Why responsive design makes sense?" was one of the most read articles of our blog last year.
  • Editing content with LianaCMS became easier as we introduced the new inline-editing and mobile preview features. With the help of mobile preview content managers may easily see in real time how the produced content looks like on mobile and desktop screens.

LianaCommerce: What's new with eCommerce?

  • Several new integrations were added to LianaCommerce in 2013. Integrations are a key factor in making eCommerce easier as they often connect the online store with retail POS systems and other systems related to marketing, financial transactions and logistics. With the help of integrations information may be transferred seamlessly with many different platforms. Ask us more about integrations.
  • Targeted email marketing became easier for LianaCommerce users. While using LianaCommerce the administrator of the eCommerce site can now easily sort out specific target groups based on purchase history. The new feature makes it easy to form different recipient groups among the customer base and target them with interesting and relevant content. Marketing automations such as shopping cart abandonment emails may also be added as a part of the store's marketing communications.

LianaCEM for marketing automations

  • Liana Marketing Cloud™ -toolkit's newest family member LianaCEM™ saw the daylight. LianaCEM™ is a marketing automation system and a customer information database that collects information from different digital channels. Based on signals CEM creates customer profiles to which different marketing efforts and/or message chains may be connected to. Communication that is relevant and made at the right time is crucial in building a customer experience - with the help of CEM our customers can create individual messages and take a step forward in marketing for masses and different segments. Read more about it here.

What else?

  • In addition to major product development Liana Technologies has strengthened its operations by opening three new offices: in Moscow, Russia, Shenzhen, China and Dubai, United Arab Emirates. See our locations.

What's going on right now?

Looking back it's hard to believe all of the above happened last year. And the news keep on coming: this year we'll be launching an innovation that will make the Marketing Cloud products work together even more seamless than before. So keep posted!

Are you interested in Liana Marketing Cloud? Contact our team if you want to discuss using our tools or making them a part of your agency's toolkit. 

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