Liana Technologies fires up the new year by launching its new website

08.01.2013 0

The hard work done by the end of the year has finally come to a conclusion and the new website has seen the daylight. The new site has both a new look and feel as well as a new technique behind it. What we have on the background is the brand new analytics driven and responsive site technique using LianaCMS to be launched early this year.

We will also be launching the new website in Russia and Chinese as well as the corresponding Lianamailer- product specific site with a new look and feel in the near future. So keep posted with us!

We would be delighted to hear both positive comments or constructive criticism about the site. Contact us if you wish to leave us your comments.

The new site was carried out with a responsive tehnique which means that the layout and content of the site scales automatically according to device. Please contact our experts of digital marketing if you wish to hear more about the responsive tehnique and how to deploy it on websites.

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