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Since opening up an office in Dubai a little less than one year ago, Liana Technologies hosted its first Digital marketing event in Dubai. The event raised many people's interest and was fully-booked beforehand, a big thank you to all of the attendees on behalf of Liana's team!

The agenda of the event covered the latest trends in digital marketing as well as best practices in email marketing, marketing automations and eCommerce. The program was specifically tailored for the Middle East and Dubai area, packed with tangible case studies, tips and tricks for digital marketing as well as international and local expertise.


  • Importance of digital marketing and PR 
    Paavo Vasala, Chairman of the Board, Liana Technologies (Headquarters, Finland)
  • Digital marketing Cloud: multi channel approach 
    Pekka Huttunen, Chief Operating Officer, Liana Technologies (Headquarters, Finland)
  • Email marketing in the Middle East: current state and opportunities 
    Ian Fairey, Business Director, Red Blue Blur Ideas Performance (RBBI), Dubai, UAE
  • Cases of effective email marketing (B2B and B2C)
    Janne Kilpeläinen, General Manager, Liana Technologies (Dubai and Middle East region, UAE)
  • From mass mailing to personal interaction in eCommerce
    Pekka Huttunen, Chief Operating Officer, Liana Technologies (Headquarters, Finland)

Our warmest congratulations to Mr. Vinod Nair from Harwal Group who won the iPad mini drawn among all of the attendees. Also, a special thanks to our quest speaker, Mr. Ian Fairey from Red Blue Blur Ideas Performance (RBBI).

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