Case: People buy more on mobile

06.03.2013 0

More and more emails are opened and websites browsed with mobile devices instead of a desktop or laptop. Because of this development the responsiveness and mobile friendliness of webservices has become a hot topic in the digi world. Lately there has also been a clear increase in the amount of mobile users on online stores.

In the graph taken from one of our customer's store one can see that the amount of purchases on mobile devices in relation to visitors has doubled in the past six months.

What makes our case store especially interesting is that the average value of a purchase is bigger on mobile phones or tablets compared to visits made with more traditional devices. This indicates that special attention should be put on the mobile-friendliness of the store and in the ease of buying.

LianaCommerce platform's features and design can be fully tailored and optimated to fit and respond to mobile devices. We have ready solutions and experience to make your store look good and function well regardless of the size of one's screen. Read more about LianaCommerce or contact us to hear more on the mobile friendly implemention of online stores.

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