Case: Call-to-action -button made a marketing letter's Click-Through-Ratio (CTR) ten times bigger

08.05.2012 0

Our Case-company carried out their e-mail marketing campaign by doing two separate newsletters. The letters differed from each other just slightly. This slight difference seemed, however, to have a significant effect on the Click-Through-Ratio. The content of the newsletters as well as the appearance was the same: the only difference was that the other letter had a Call-to-action -button, thus getting clicked ten times as much.

Call-to-Action -button is a button that is meant to be clicked by the reader. The button is usually designed so that it is clearly visible and it often has a "teaser text".

The newsletter without a Call-to-action -button had a Click-Through-Ratio of less than 2 %, whereas the other one had a staggering 20 % Click-Through-Ratio.

This case is a good example of one of the biggest advantages of digital marketing – measurability. With its accurate stats digital marketing makes it possible to follow things that so many other marketing channels cannot: the success of marketing efforts can be followed based on how the readers react and also develop the communication based on that. Newsletters can be tested to see which choices have the best effect on your target groups.

Our e-mail marketing tool, LianaMailer, has comprehensive reporting features that enable you to carefully analyze your audience, the effect of your communication as well as send leads to your sales and marketing departments. Contant us to discuss more about e-mail marketing and how it could benefit your business.

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