5 tips to drive traffic on your website

11.09.2013 0

A website or an online store can be seen as the very foundation of a company's online presence. After your website is in order (and hopefully has loads of interesting content on it) it is time to start marketing the site. But what are the best ways to drive traffic to the site?

1. High quality content

Content marketing is a term that appears frequently on blog posts and expert articles all over the web. In our opinion it deserves all its attention. Producing high quality content truly is the corner stone of online visibility for the following reason: unless your content is worth reading about there's really no point in driving people onto your site. So analyze your audience thoroughly and figure out what kind of content they'd find valuable. For all its importance, we raised high quality content as number one before even going closer to the tactics of driving traffic.

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2. Newsletters

Newsletters and email marketing are a highly effective method to drive traffic onto your website. Yet there is so much email out there today that you need to do certain things right in order to stand out. So if you decide to begin with email marketing, do yourself a favour and give it some background research as well as a decent amount of thought. If you do it well, there's a really good chance that you might stand out from your competitors in a positive way. The spray and pray -method won't do any good for you or your brand. Read more about the factors that separate spam from professional email marketing.

To begin you need subscribers to your newsletter – in best case scenario people who are genuinely interested in your content. To help you get started with collecting subscribers, we have listed down our best tips to grow an email list. Also read our encouraging case: newsletter made the amount of site visitors ten times bigger.

3. Paid adds

We recommend that paid adds don't represent the only tactic used to drive traffic onto your website. Paid adds might however bring a great addition to other existing tactics. Using Google Adwords for example to tackle some of the most important keywords appearing in search engines might bring you many hoped-for visitors.

4. SEO

Rather than solely relying on paid adds, we recommend you put attention on optimizing your site as well as you can. Onsite SEO is very important since it has a big meaning in determining how well your site is found on search engines. So make sure you use the right keywords in your content as well as adequate Titles and descriptions on your pages. These examples are only a few examples of all you could do in terms of optimizing your website the best possible way. So unless you have experience on it, we recommend talking to an expert or learning the basics of SEO quite profoundly.

5. Creating links

Driving visitors to your website requires dedicating some time and effort to the process. In many cases it also requires you to get a bit creative. Sharing links yourself is one thing and doing it effectively often requires you to be present in many different channels, such as Twitter, Facebook, blogs and forums. If you have valuable content on your site, share it! If it's good enough, others will do so as well. Getting others to share your content doesn't happen over night but requires consistent effort. Luckily nowadays there's a huge amount of great content out there to help you get started with link building and Social media sharing. A great reason to visit those websites, isn't it?