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You can start marketing automation by choosing one of the following automation chains: newsletter subscriptionsguide downloadsup- and cross-selling campaignscustomer onboarding, or employee onboarding.

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Automation chain

Welcome newsletter subscribers

Welcome your newsletter subscribers when they join your mailing list and then target automatic follow-up messages based on their needs. 

Option 1 :

  • We help you create a three-message automation chain to segment and identify newsletter subscribers' needs

  • From $390/month (less than 10,000 contacts)

Automation chain

Gain more leads by identifying visitors to your website

Increase the number of leads and collect the contact details of prospects interested in your company through a form on your website. Offer website visitors the opportunity to download interesting content.

Option 2:

  • Get an embedded form on your website with a three-message automation chain attached

  • From $390/month (less than 10,000 contacts)

Automation chain

Easily target up- and cross-selling campaigns to your key audiences

Leverage your customer data and approach your customers with personalized marketing. You can target campaigns based on purchase history to easily increase your sales opportunities. We can implement campaigns without the need for integration with different back-end systems. 

Option 3:

  • Targeted up- and cross-selling automation for your key target groups

  • From $390/month (less than 10,000 contacts)

Automation chain

Introduce your new customers to your products and services

Ensure a good customer experience right from the start with an automated onboarding process. This ensures a smooth start to using your new product or service. Onboarding automation also makes it easy to conduct additional sales, cross-selling, and satisfaction surveys.

Option 4:

  • We help you create a three-message automation chain to easily introduce your customers to a new product or service

  • From $390/month (less than 10,000 contacts)

Automation chain

Ensure the onboarding of your new employees

Automation can also easily be used to make other organizational processes more agile. One of the most common uses is in new employees' onboarding programs, where automated emails ensure the smooth delivery of information in a timely manner.

Option 5:

  • We help you create a three-message induction program for your new employees

  • From $390/month (less than 10,000 contacts)

Mobile automation chain illustration

Need more help with marketing automation?

If you're short on time, extra manpower, or other resources, Liana's Services Team will be happy to help you plan, create, and manage your marketing automation campaigns. We offer ready-made solutions for lead capture, customer engagement and nurturing, contract renewals, membership acquisition, event marketing, and more. We can also help with larger automation campaigns to suit your needs. Ask our experts for more information!

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